I have had three passions in my life since I was a very small child; my family, photography and fashion. At a very young age, I already knew my future would be in fashion but I also knew how lucky and blessed I was to be part of such an amazing, loving, close knit family. I was determined to capture every precious moment we shared and I was rarely, if ever, seen without a camera in my hand.
From college, I immediately began a career in the fashion industry. Having worked for two of the world's largest fashion retail corporations, I have done everything from buying, to developing product assortments, choosing styles and fabrications, store planning, merchandising store and catalog layouts, and my personal favorites; product development and creating catalog pagination photo spreads. My fashion career has given me insight and exposure to the photography world that most people will never experience. Although I have been formally trained and educated to be a professional photographer, the advantages of my experience in fashion and my childhood obsession of photographing my family was by far, my greatest training...

All of my life experiences have led me here and I want to thank the greatest family in the world. I am so blessed to have you. It is because of you that I am a photographer. You are, and always will be, my very first inspiration.

"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art."
-Oscar Wilde